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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Embossing?

Embossing is the raising of an image on a product, accomplished by pressing fabric between concave and convex dies so that the image is raised above the surface of the garment or accessory. A backing material will hold this shape in place for the life of the garment. The backing determines the wash-ability of the embossing. Naturally better quality materials produce longer lasting designs.

What is Debossing?

A die is created from a logo image and is then depressed into the fabric with high heat and pressure, so that the image sits below the product surface, sometimes referred to as blind stamping.

What materials can I emboss and deboss on?

The fact is that with pneumatic/air operated machines you can emboss in natural fibers and some leather. The backing will determine the life of the embossing. Air operated machines have limited capabilities due to lack of pressure (air 80 - 110 PSI versun 1400 plus PSI hydraulic). Raised Edge's hydraulic embossing/debossing machines can emboss/deboss on the following:

Acetate Acryl Fleece Cotton Flock Foil
Leather Linen Lycra Melton Neoprene Nylon
Polar Fleece Paper Plastic Polyacryl Polyamide
Polyester Polypropylene Polyurethane Polyvinyl Polyvinlyclorid PVC
Rubber Silk Viscose Wool Etc.  
Can I emboss/deboss on finished goods?

Yes, Raised Edge equipment allows for finished goods such as T-shirts, sweats, all jackets without linings, most with linings, leather products and caps to be embossed/debossed with ease.

I heard that backing materials are the downfall of embossing is this true?

Yes that was correct! Until recently there were really only three choices of backings, all have poor wash-ability, tend to have glue seepage and are not conducive to production due to the need to die cut or hand cut the backing. Non-woven materials, low volume produced glue fleece backings and homemade glue solutions resulted in creating a poor reputation, time required to emboss is always 45 seconds to one minute (This can scorch most cottons and fleeces!). BOSSBACKTM Foam is a worldwide-patented backing material that tears away like embroidery backings. The advantages are that it is a foam that fills the cavities and keep raised areas filled instead of hollow, wash-ability is simply amazing and it requires about 15 seconds or less in the embossing machine. This means production speeds and profit.

What are Solutions (Heat Transfers)?

Raised Edge offers an entire line of innovative digital media for heat transfer application, perfect for printing high quality, full-colour custom graphics. Choose from CAD-COLOR or CAD-COLOR Solutions™. The Solutions™ products feature STX2 adhesive, a soft, highly elastic, adhesive designed specifically for performance wear. Solutions™ can be applied to almost any fabric, including: cotton, polyester blends, nylon, Lycra , spandex, and more! All CAD-COLOR digital media is designed for use with solvent, eco solvent or thermo-resin print and cut system; it's so versatile that it will allow you to create designs for a variety of markets from athletic to fashion to lifestyle to corporate.

CAD-COLOR Solutions™ Metallic
This is the only process in the world able to create full-color metallic images with brilliant shine.

CAD-COLOR Solutions™ Opaque
This innovative digital media for heat transfer application is perfect for printing high quality, full-color custom graphics.

CAD-COLOR Solutions™ Sub Block
Unlike any other product, Solutions ™ Sub Block actually eliminates strikethrough when applied to sublimated garments.

CAD-COLOR ExpressPrint™
CAD-COLOR ExpressPrint™ print/cut specialty media is a lightweight media with superior elasticity.

What is Embroidery?

A stitch file (DST) is created and the design is stitched onto the leather or fabric item through the use of high speed, computer controlled sewing machines. The design is reproduced with tightly-stitched thread. Fine detail may be difficult to achieve.